Private Consultation

Private Consultation

All consultations are individually assessed, structured, and delivered with easy-to-follow guidelines. Foods are medicinally tailored for their nutraceutical value to reduce and reverse chronic illness.
With a set health goal at the forefront, Martina’s programme reduces visceral (abdominal) fat helping a client lose weight healthily without the necessity for protein bars or shakes to give a more natural transition. I address what it is that our body is reacting to and the physiological and psychological reasons behind those changes.

My belief is that in order to change, we must firstly understand the chemical reactions and signals of the body and listen to what our body is trying to tell us. Once we fully understand ourselves, it makes managing these changes much easier to deal with. The first thing I tell all of my clients is that there is no need to be upset over losing weight or by taking control of your health.

When I started approaching my well-being as self-care in a holistic way, everything changed.

Food with Medicinal Value

Martina focuses on culinary medicine, introducing foods which have medicinal value. The programme recommends the best foods to heal the body.